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« The mother art is architecture » Frank Lloyd Wright


Les Marches could be mistaken for common raw concrete blocks. Their original design serves is based on an infinite number of possible assemblies, resulting in classic looking levels, surprisingly soft to the touch.

Made of pu foam with a skin effect paint finish, latex based


Private: Les marches


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Claude VIALLAT – Aqui Issert !

Exposition Art

GALERIE CATHERINE ISSERT 2, Route des Serres- 06570 SAINT-PAUL Claude VIALLAT Aqui Issert ! 30 06 22 > 27 08 …


Claude VIALLAT – Aqui Issert !

GALERIE CATHERINE ISSERT 2, Route des Serres- 06570 SAINT-PAUL Claude VIALLAT Aqui Issert ! 30 06 22 > 27 08 …

« Youth is a quality, not a matter of circumstances. »Frank Lloyd Wright

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