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The inspired craftsmen of the Faïencerie Georges

Radical makeover of the art of tableware in Nevers, under the direction of the fourth generation at the head of the Faïencerie Georges. Sublime and surprising creations, revitalizing the memory of traditional know-how in ultra-contemporary style.
AND PEOPLE LOVE IT. At the the Faïencerie Georges, the fourth generation is embarking upon a new era. Gone the reproduction of traditional patterns. Make way for creativity in total freedom! Imagination now takes pride of place. The designs on these plates and dishes borrow inspiration from photographs taken on shared occasions. “We give priority to unexpected subjects, bordering on realism, but with which everyone can identify.”
The material – earthenware and enamel – and the method have not changed at all. Made with old tools, each piece is unique, always bearing the two famous green bows, the historic emblem of this firm awarded the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label, and a member of the “Ateliers d’Art de France”.
“You need a lot of practice before you succeed. It’s really by doing things that you learn. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the designs: some contain lots of details and require more work.” Artistic direction is handled as a duo, and the couple share the work: Jean-François produces, enamels and fires the tableware, Carole is responsible for the decorative work.
This is how the fourth generation of the Georges have succeeded in the delicate and essential task of passing on the craftsman’s art. Their creations are sold in Japan, China, North America and the Middle East. “People are touched by the poetry in our subjects, which evoke the simplicity of a given moment. They buy our unusual and affordable pieces as they would acquire a painting. They are also drawn by the firm’s history, these gestures handed down from one generation to the next.”
Marie-Jo Malait, M&O NEWS

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