Play Yet! Ultra-modular shelving…

PLAY YET Modules


Play Yet consists of a construction kit comprised of modules made of cork and wood, to which modules made of fabric can laso be added. On this base, you can build whatever you like: shelves, a console or cabin, giving free rein to your imagination and creating a unique piece of furniture adapted to suit your space.

Play Yet!

A construction set for children’s bedrooms. A large-scale game, encouraging the child to enjoy practical building through experimentation.
Construction kit

Several different elements are proposed. They are easily assembled, whichever way you like. Solid but light, capable of being manipulated by children, they can be used to create small furnishings: tree-houses, small stools, benches, tables, shelves etc.

Learning while playing with shapes and materials: cork, wood, fabric.

storing – playing – organizing – changing everything – building – simply creating a mini-world – structure and flexibility. Natural materials: recognizing them, learning where they come from, learning more about everyday objects, becoming aware.

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