Le Hasard ensemble


The ensemble consists of a bench, a table and two shelves. It is a set or three autonomous items. Entirely free-standing, or arranged around the “Nénuphar” sofa, of which it becomes a kind of satellite. It is a space, shapes, colours, rhythms, ready to demonstrate their freedom. It is also an installation, storage units. It is a tower, a screen, a low table, a bench: a high table, a desk, shelves, a bookcase. It is a mobile whole, a unit in its own right. It is an open-ended construction whose rhythms are not entirely fixed. Its frontiers make it an informal item of furnishing, both open to others and protective of a personal world. It has no sides, no bottom, it can be viewed from all angles, stand alone or evolve into more. There’s a bit of everything in Le Hasard…

Rémi Guisset

+33 (0)6 60 89 20 11

Jérémy Bailet

+33 (0)6 61 01 71 08