The Friends Breadboard

Studio Joran Briand

Fruit of the encounter between Christophe Vasseur, Paris best baker 2008, and the studio Joran Briand, « Friend’s breadboard » was designed specially for the bread that made his bakery Du Pains et des Idées famous. It is using quality raw materials coming from Europe that the studio Joran Briand has designed this « Friend’s breadboard » to respond to the values of Christophe Vasseur, passionate baker, very attached to tradition and expertise. Made up of a solid walnut grid, an inox knife and a Carrare marble basket that can be assembled or separate, the Friend’s breadboard allows a free use of its elements. The grid milled from a piece of wood contrasts with the basket’s mineral cut.

Discover the Friends Breadboard

Material: Marble, oak and inox  Size: 45x45x7cm  Editor : Du pain et des idées  Photographer : Roberta Donatini & Federico Evangelista


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