Toul stool

Studio Joran Briand

The aim of Gold of Bengal is to develop the use of jute fibre and resin as a new eco-material in Bangladesh, using its excellent mechanical qualities to replace fibreglass in many applications. Cheap, clean and natural, its production uses very little energy and supports local agriculture. It is bio-degradable and residual resin chips can be burnt to produce energy.

To demonstrate the qualities of the material and ensure the continuing support of investors in the project, de Chatelperron enlisted the help of his childhood friend designer Joran Briand. Their objective was to create manifesto objects using jute fibre – the Toul stool is the first fruit of their collaboration.

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Partner : Gold of Bengal  Type : partnership project VIA 2013  Label :  Saintluc                        Size : 45 x 42 x 50 cm  Material : jute fiber and resin  Photo : Marie Flores

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