Alm Ramatuelle

Interior design agency

In just ten years, Marjolaine Leray has turned her interior design agency, ALM, into a firm handling international projects. Free and eclectic, the atmospheres she creates reflect an inspired and poetic universe. Paying very close attention to her clients’ requirements, she explains: “Designing an interior involves sharing a certain intimacy, while sculpting intimacy itself”.

Curious, attentive, her creative imagination is embodied in her three galleries in Ramatuelle: a gallery for materials, a studio for fabrics, furnishings & curiosities, and the architectural agency with its small boutique of whimsical objects.

Discover ALM Ramatuelle

ALM – 25 rue du centre – 83350 Ramatuelle
Tel : +33 (0)4 94 49 33 74

Rémi Guisset

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