Antoine Boudin

Designer Trimardeur

Antoine Boudin was born in Avignon in 1986.
He graduated from the Ecole Cantonale d’Art in Lausanne in 2008 with “Quieu Bagna”, a camping boat with a triangular sail.
In 2009, he worked as assistant to designer Alexander Taylor in London before winning the Grand Prix awarded by the Jury of Design Parade 4, presided by Jasper Morrison.

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He then became François Azambourg’s assistant from 2009 to 2011. In 2010, he presented 14 new designs in his exhibition “…E ié vivèn de belli causo” (“… And one experiences wonderful things”), tracing a year spent in residence at the Villa Noailles.

With a passion for materials and “execution”, Antoine Boudin’s work is based on materials specific to the place where he happens to be working, thus naturally taking an environmentally friendly approach to design. Influenced by his Provençal and Mediterranean origins, his projects address craftsmanship and industry with the same desire for innovation.

In 2011, he opened his own workshop in Hyères in order to develop new projects and pursue his research on materials, Provence and the sea.

In parallel, he teaches design at the École Supérieure d’Art de Toulon Provence Méditerranée, and is a member of the group L’Agachon.

Cana  2013
Chairs – cane of Provence, steel tube
Stackable chair with cane of Provence structure, back and seat made of cane of Provence chipboard.
On the picture, Declension with thermo-lacquered steel tube structure, back and seat made of cane of Provence glued laminated plywood.

Galo  2013 (on the left)
Desk lamp – cane of Provence, leather, LED
Edition Petit h – Hermès
Desk lamp articulated made of cane of Provence sheathed by goat leather.

Envela / en flour de cabouio (Arched/ agave wood)
Chair, unique piece / prototype, 2010
Chair entirely made of agave, branches and trunks. The agave flower branches give a natural arch to the back of the chair.

Eliou (Thunderbolt)
Lamp, 2012 / to order
Lamp made up of a cane of Provence into which comes to fit an electric thread connected with a big bulb, itself fixed with adhesive tape of electrician.

Cambo  2012
Trestles –  cane of Provence, pine wood
Edition Petit h – Hermès
Pair of trestles in cane of Provence and pine wood, sheathed by leather by the edited version.

Couble (Thick leather),
Stool, unique piece / prototype, 2010
The seat is covered with thick leather normally used for shoe soles. “Couble” refers to “soulier de couble” or thick leather peasant shoes.

Lunado (Moonlight)
Lamp, unique piece / prototype, 2010
Large agave wood table lamp and large bulb wich can be dimmed, topped with a blue steel reflector on one side and polished mirror on the other.

Ero  2013
Surfboard – agave inflorescense, organically sourced resin, cellulose fabric
Surfboard single fin totally organically sourced.

D’eici se vèi l’Almanarre (From here we see the Almanarre)
Low chair, 2009 / Grand Prix du Jury Design Parade

“I designed this armchair especially for the Villa Noailles, as a tribute to modern masters of tubular furniture. It is a contemporary response to the use of this technique.The world of cycling has been the major inspiration for this seat, which uses many details, techniques and aesthetic that I wanted to apply to the world of furniture. Finally, this chair is stackable and has got removable covers.
«D’eici se vèi Almanarre» means «from here we see Almanarre» in Provençal language.
I chose this name because from the villa you can see l’Almanarre, a beach from the Giens peninsula”.

Croquis et profil du dériveur d’Antoine en canne de Provence, doté de dérives latérales et d’un safran en agave.

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