Cerise Doucède

Photographer Artist

An Exploreur selection

“Cerise Doucède builds installations before taking photos of her models: she creates environments which abound in objects suspended in space, like spinning thoughts capable of expressing part of each person’s personality.”

Extract from commentaries by Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais


In the series entitled “Egarements”, I wanted to illustrate visually a varied panorama of daily hallucinations of which we can all be protagonists. In other words, those moments when we lose our focus, when we begin to think about something else, to dream.

The characters are seemingly empty, switched off, though their minds are racing along. They then project their fantasies, obsessions or fears into the decor and onto objects. Imagination takes over from reality, the invisible becomes visible. All around them, objects come to life as if by magic, floating around, piling up, forming groups. These projections of thoughts thus allow the characters to disconnect for a while from the monotony of their everyday lives and to embrace life more lightly. Each photo relates directly to the person and his or her universe.

“Égarements Café de Flores”

Project for Royal Monceau Raffles Paris “Invitation au voyage”

“Un autre éclat”

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