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Early Work offers a user-friendly environment for all with the chance to acquire high-potential artwork from art school students and recent graduates.

Early-Work.com is an independent marketplace designed for all collectors, art-lovers and members of the general public looking to uncover up-and-coming talent at affordable prices (between €100 and €1,000 EUR) in all its forms, from the fine arts to photography, design and architecture. Exclusively reserved for students and recent graduates of art schools, following discussions with the selection committee, artwork will be uploaded and offered via our online sales platform as well as using our communication tools. Early Work also provides a privileged relationship with some of its institutional and private partners and sponsors, together with the opportunity for an editorial focus.

Do you know what Tony Cragg, Konstantin Grcic, Bridget Riley, David Hockney, Jake and Dino Chapman all have in common? They all studied at the Royal College of Art London…

It was here that they would form and lay the foundations for their entire future. These preliminary pieces are now considered works in their own right and considerably enhance how an artist’s career is seen. Art professionals, as well as the public, are keen to see where it all began. The aim of Early Work is to promote these initial pieces by contemporary young artists using new channels which have been adapted to tackle the future challenges in the art market, namely making a clean break with traditional circulation methods to better position itself as a real alternative. Artists will be able to control their creativity independently from the very beginning of their career, all based on fair economic consideration.

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