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The permanent adventure constituting the activity of the Galerie Catherine Issert, since 1975, opens to an always renewed curiosity.

The gallery wants to relate multiple and complementary visual experiences.

The program is elaborated taking into account current debates in contemporary art while maintaining a fidelity valorized by a long-term work with the artists.

Some privileged encounters enabled to develop along the years a public commission work and the implantation of artists in the architectural space, but also a publishing work in the domain of artists’ books and multiple objects.

Perpetually looking for new forms of collaboration with the artists, Catherine Issert’s new project was to set up a platform offering a visibility to the work of young artists in the gallery. A strong wish to open this new field to tomorrow’s expression.

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Artists & Designers : Jean-Michel Albérola, John Armleder, Cécile Bart, Ben, Jean-Charles Blais, Denis Castellas, Antonio Citterio, Daphné Corregan, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Erik Dietman, Jennifer Douzenel, Ray & Charles Eames, Karim Ghelloussi, Kiki Giuliana, Jérôme Grivel, Erick Ifergan, Arne Jacobsen, Paola Lenti, Angelo Lelli, Mathieu Matégot, Jacques Martinez, Jacqueline Morabito, François Morellet, Federico Munari, Bernard Pagès, Pierre Paulin, Charlotte Perriand, Anne Pesce, Gaetano Pesce, Gio Ponti, Pascal Pinaud, Benjamin Sabatier, David Raffini, Marie Roux, Marc Sadler, Mathieu Schmitt, Vladimir Skoda, Ettore Sottsass, Gilles Suffren, Xavier Theunis, MatteoThun,GérardTraquandi,ClaudeViallat,TatianaWolska.

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