Jacqueline Morabito

Artist & Designer

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Attention to detail inherited from a silversmith.

Between architecture, design, decoration, silverware, sculpture and topiary art, Jacqueline Morabito is a prime exemple of the creative soul. After studying at the Faculty of Law in Nice, she turned her attention towards craftsmanship and the applied arts, following in her parents’ footsteps and without ever abandoning her roots on the Côte d’Azur. Her various experiences with craftsmen revealed her true vocation. In fact, Jacqueline doesn’t fit into any particular box; her imagination is boundless, allowing her rare freedom in the way she goes about her art. In 1989, after signing her name to the decor for the theatre in Nice, she devoted herself more to interior architecture. Her areas of predilection are old buildings that she rehabilitates with passion in a contemporary but timeless style, creating a peaceful, chic and poetic world that is utterly spell-binding. For Jacqueline, enhancing the past is a necessity, preserving everything about our roots, our sediment, turning it into something topical and contemporary which will withstand the test of time. We need to respect our history and our buildings; why change everything at all cost, why raze everything to the ground? No rules should be imposed, depriving us of our creative freedom. Her favourite materials are wood, stone, concrete, whitewash, plaster, terra cotta, fabrics, earthenware, blown glass, plant-life… Her range of furnishings is recognizable for its dimensions (7 and multiples of 7) and its clean lines. Her choice of colours, white and shades of white, offers enchanting plays of light while underscoring her taste for simplicity and serenity. This original designer is constantly on the move.
For Jacqueline, freedom is the very essence of creativity. She couldn’t live without it.
Click here to discover her work: www.jacquelinemorabito.com

“In fact, what interests me most is introducing an artistic dimension into our everyday lives.” Jacqueline Morabito

In all the interiors for which she takes on restructuring, her imagination breaks down the minimalist aspect of strict lines by introducing what she calls ” retrieved objects”. She synthesizes lessons taught by the past, applying them in contemporary creations ready to defy the centuries to come.

She reinterprets the style of the South with a more contemporary approach, blending old objects with trendy items, lovely materials and natural tones. Chic but understated, with no fuss or frills.

“I like to reinstate traditional products by bringing them up to date, giving them new meaning in today’s world.” Jacqueline Morabito

One immediately recognizes the hand of an expert, the decorator’s magic wand, her unique way of using white and minerals to endow an interior with a peaceful ambiance, chic but also very casual. This renovation in the South of France is quite simply magnificent.

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