Les Ensembles
“Les Ensembles” consist of a proposal for do-it-yourself furniture based on a range of six components made of metal and wooden panels. With this project, Jérôme Dumetz won an Audi Talents Awards in the design section in 2013. les-ensembles.fr

Jérome Dumetz

Designer Craftsman

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Since completing his studies in Architecture and the Applied Arts, Jérôme Dumetz has presented his work as a designer-craftsman. Based in Marseille, he designs and produces furniture for private and professional clients. Thanks to his dual approach as designer and manufacturer, he maintains a privileged relationship with materials: he is particularly drawn to wood and steel for their differences and complementarity.


The project which won him the votes of the ATA Design 2013 jury was a collection of do-it-yourself furniture based on a range of 8 fixtures and wooden panels, bought and cut to size in a large do-it-yourself store. In real terms, just 5 steps: the consumer selects the furniture he wants from a collection on the dedicated website (wall-mounted shelves and boxes, bookcases on legs, low table, pedestal table, frames, table, sideboard, children’s furniture…). He then chooses the dimensions and type of panel, the colours of the fixtures. Once he has completed his order, pre-visualization of his project, his assembly plan and “shopping list” – including the wood cutting details -, he sets off for the store. He has everything he needs to build his furniture.

The project is based on simplicity and esthetic coherence of the fixtures, and belongs to the world of DIY (“Design It Yourself” or “Do It Yourself”). Relying on modularity which is taking on more and more importance in the world of design, this project, modular, interactive and sustainable, offers a new approach by involving the consumer in the creation of his home decoration plans.

Jérôme Dumetz won the votes of the Audi Talents Awards Jury, Contemporary Art and Design 2013, comprised of Ora-ïto, Thierry Marx, René-Jacques Mayer and Xavier Veilhan.

“Everything I ever did resulted from a thought which was instantaneously constructive. I have never had a vision or a shape in my mind. I have no particular style. I have never designed shapes. I made constructions which had shapes” Jean Prouvé.

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