Léa Ginac

Designer & Decorator / Scenographer

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Born in Nice in 1991, passionate about art and design, Léa Ginac holds a degree in Scenography. In 2014, she presented her first collection of furniture called “HEKA”, inspired by monumental secular architecture and mythology. The Age of Antiquity joins hands with the contemporary era, paying homage to the Egyptian goddess personifying the magic of the life force in each being and thing. Léa here pursues an autobiographical work nourished by art, marble and stone divinities, in whose midst she grew up.

This same year, Fragonard, the perfume-maker in Grasse, entrusted her with the presentation of its products. For the shop windows of this leading name, she designed a sculptural and graphic backcloth with Greek colours and motifs.
A discerning eye, attention to detail, creative effervescence, a fondness for craftsmanship and the applied arts are the main components of Léa Ginac’s constant dynamism.

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