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Rachel Desbordes was born in Antibes, in a region basking in light where the blue of the sky blends with that of the sea. A graduate in political science, she took a real interest from her earliest childhood in her elders’ activities; horticulturists and landscapers on the one side, watchmakers/jewellers on the other.

This rare combination enabled her to carve out her own vision and nurture deep sensitivity to both nature, that she sees as a wonderful library, and work accomplished by the hands of men. A sense for detail and staging, which led her to think of architecture as a landscape, and give priority in her decors to a “dialogue between indoors and out”.

Motivated by this passion, Rachel explores the bridges between art and life through design and the decorative arts. Curious about everything, she shares this exercise in the way we look at things by applying to high-quality projects her expertise as an all-round decorator, and her experience in the fields of renovation and interior design. Her close attention to clients’ needs provides the conditions necessary to create harmonious esthetics in the home.

Her elegant signature combines a fondness for collections, arts-and-crafts, and the tradition of French-style luxury: it is revealed in her search for a contemporary Mediterranean style presented as an art of living.

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Rachel Desbordes
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