Raphaëlle Segond

Architect DPLG

Born in 1966, Government Certified Architect (1989).

1993-1998 Projet leader, Agence Ricciotti, occasional co-contracting from 1998 to 2004 (Faculté de Luminy, Centre Chorégraphique National, Aix en Provence)

2000 Launch of the agency in Marseille

2011 Grand Prix awarded by the CAUE 13 for the Lycée Daumier

2008-2014 Associate Assistant Lecturer at the School of Architecture, Marseille

Since 2009, consultant architect for the CAUE 13

2014 Nominee for an original work for the “Grand Prix des Femmes Architectes” 2014

2015 Nominee for the Italcementi Prize 2015

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Photo portrait : © Henri Delolmo

Founding projects

The Concours Lauréat for the Faculty of Science of Luminy enabled her to open an agency in the year 2000, ten years after graduating and acquiring sound experience as agency project leader, with a more extensive stay at the Agence Ricciotti.
Centre Chorégraphique, Aix en Provence, project also carried out on a co-contracting basis with Rudy Ricciotti (representative) a few years later. Structure plays an important role here, becoming expressionist, oversized, and transcending the initial programme.

Following projects were to be structurally expressive
The Lycée Daumier, undertaken on a co-contracting basis with Jean Marc Chancel (representative), was acclaimed and consecrated for its strong presence, constructive self-evidence, “powerful, but in all due restraint”, by the jury presided by François Chaslin for the Grand Prix du CAUE, 2011.
Extension of the OMC in Geneva (2009 competition), in which the link between the offices and communal areas led to the plan being fanned out in a tree-like structure, a positive counterpoint to offices in strip layout in the existing building.

Houses in Beauvallon, Le Bec de l’Aigle, and Saint Marc de Jaumegarde, used as structures for living. The same mason leaves the mark of his work on them, taking real pleasure in finding solutions with the architect for the formwork, incorporation and implementation of the concrete which always remains visible. One of these houses was to be widely covered in the press and distinguished by nomination for an original work for the “Grand Prix des Femmes Architectes” (November 2014) and Italcementi Prize, January 2015…
For all these projects, complicity between enterprises and structural engineers was clear to see, in the shared enjoyment of finding new ways of designing and implementing ideas.

Since 2014, the agency has taken an interest in collective housing developments: long-stay centre of Val Pré Vert, rehabilitation of apartments in Le Baou de Sormiou, and construction of 24 housing units, all explore community living “as if at home”, very open to the outside, cross-light, and offering several possibilities for use.

Photos : © Philippe Ruault (Villa Beauvallon, 2011)

Photo : © Florent Joliot (Lycée Honoré Daumier, 2012)

Photos : © André Frère (House “B”, rehabilitation of a fisherman’s shack, 2001)


Photos : © Philippe Ruault (Maison “S”, 2001)

Photos : © Raphaëlle Segond (Maison “Jaumegarde”, 2014)

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