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Created by the designer Joran Briand in 2011 and joined by Arnaud Berthereau in 2016, the studio operates in the fields of object design, interior design, scenography, graphic design, and signage. Its philosophy is very simple: make the most possible out of the least possible. This approach, which could be called “frugal”, seeks to create the perfect balance between form and function, whilst simultaneously optimizing responses to financial and environmental constraints inherent to every project. To reach this goal, we like to make the materials speak out for themselves, by stripping them down to their essentials. We try to wash away the drawn-on aspect of the object to rid it of any superfluous addition and reveal its emotion-inducing power.


The Toul stool, the aim of Gold of Bengal is to develop the use of jute fibre and resin as a new eco-material in Bangladesh, using its excellent mechanical qualities to replace fibreglass in many applications. Cheap, clean and natural, its production uses very little energy and supports local agriculture. It is bio-degradable and residual resin chips can be burnt to produce energy.

To demonstrate the qualities of the material and ensure the continuing support of investors in the project, de Chatelperron enlisted the help of his childhood friend designer Joran Briand. Their objective was to create manifesto objects using jute fibre – the Toul stool is the first fruit of their collaboration.

Gull table and bench, the design of the Gull collection is distinctive with its central rib in solid wood. This triangular column enables to fix the feet and to maintain the platter. The profile of this stamped platter is as poetic as it is functional. Its profile evokes the design of a bird’s wings while allowing to assure the fixing and the rigidity of the platter. Inspired by the world of the ocean, this collection expresses lightness and solidity. This 190 cm table forms a very nice ensemble with the bench from the same collection and will allow you to sit 10 guests. The Gull table is delivered disassembled; you will simply have to fix the feet to the platter.

The Log table, designed for a surf shop, the Log table contains the codes of surfboard design. The four solid wood legs are fixed to the central wood strip. The tabletop, sanded by hand by a master shaper, offers a resin surface that is light and soft to the touch.

The Mola quiver is a quiver of three single fin. As a fish backbone and its fins, each wooden stringers are finished by fins.

The Fresnes Fence, fiber-reinforced concrete fence is a combination of three freestanding panels. Each of these panels is graphically different. As for a coloring picture, the drawing is an interlacing geometry, disturbed by the introduction of animal figures. The line gets finer higher up, becoming evanescent, and thickens down the base, bringing resistance to the whole structure. The thoughtful combination of panels allows for a variable fence all around the school.

The July pattern is a graphical simplification of the master piece of Hokusai Wave . It is declined at different scales and applied on different media (clothing, object, web). By the multiplicity of these applications it becomes the graphic symbol of the brand Cuisse de grenouille.

Home 3D puzzle is a 3D puzzle enabling to go from architect’s scale to the scale of furniture. The house has 17 pieces, which when separated become pièces of furniture and why not a town. The game Works on the double principal of brainsteaser and construction game. You can build and created spaces thanks to the furniture you discover when dismantling the house. Buil, unbuild, rebuild !

The Mast pedestal table, shape of those pedestal tables was inspired by the design from the Trimaran’s mast of the Spindrift’s stable.

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