La Colle-sur-Loup, France

White and light – SOLD

108 sqm – design by Jacqueline Morabito – SOLD

At the heart of the former capital of roses cultivated for the perfume industry, this early 19th-C. village house has been rehabilitated and redesigned throughout by well-known interior architect Jacqueline Morabito. It invites you into its mellow world, orchestrated to offer an exquisite melody clad in white. Its noble materials add inspired and bewitching touches providing contrast in a wonderful score, in which the conductor keeps time with the precision and finesse of a silversmith.
On all four floors, the living space unfurls in a clever play of openwork partitions providing depth and transparent light.
Your itinerary begins by admiring the structure of this canvas, a harmonious facade with climbing plants against a backcloth of “trompe l’œil” painting beneath open portholes.
In front of a door with a patina wrought by time, one can hardly wait to step inside. Once through the door, white and light guide you towards a stone staircase to the right, a revamped washbasin down below with a laundry room, and access to the kitchen/dining-room to the left. This first level is a real gem, with a white concrete floor, limewashed walls, a customized kitchen with a floating Corian work surface, Corian sink, wooden kitchen furniture and “unearthed” objects in intemporal style, a real trademark of the artist.
Your tour continues on the second floor with a master suite in monochrome white, natural daylight and tinted concrete, exposed and partly stripped ceiling beams in white, a built-in bed, ethanol hearth, openwork partition walls with revamped 18th-C. alcoves, a walk-in closet behind the door to the right, and access to the bathroom on the left. The bathroom is a masterpiece underscoring the peacefulness and well-being of this little corner of paradise, with smooth concrete and plaster, a rectangular bathtub, cool, traditional minimalism.
And as we always ask for more, a few more steps up the stairs take us to an intricate, split-level top floor. On the first level, a vast lounge with a plain parquet floor and visible beams supporting the fourth floor. Before racing upstairs to explore this little roost, you discover a small “boat” bedroom with a study. The tour comes to an end on the top floor, with a dormitory beneath the eaves, leading out to a quiet terrace with an outdoor shower and view of the village of Saint Paul de Vence.

Prix : 700 000 euros

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Jacqueline Morabito, interior architect and designer

A multi-facetted designer whose work encompasses the design of objects, sculpture and interior architecture, Jacqueline Morabito could well have lived at the time of the Italian Renaissance, like those all-round artists whose talent was expressed with the same sensitivity in different fields: drawing, painting, architecture… A native of the region of Nice, she is fond of traditional objects and know-how that she reinterprets within decidedly contemporary contexts.

La Colle sur Loup

For many years the capital of roses cultivated for the perfume industry, La Colle-sur-Loup is now known for its antique-dealers and decorators, but also its good restaurants. From artist Yves Klein, founder of the school of New Realists who is buried here, to architect Yves Bayard and comic-strip designers Raoul Giordan and Jacques Ferrandez, La Colle-sur-Loup has always attracted artists.

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