Ollioules, France

Nestling on terraced embankments

Design by Rudy Ricciotti – under compromise of sale

On the hills of the commune of Ollioules, this magnificent villa facing the Mediterranean is the work of renowned architect Rudy Ricciotti.

This trapezoid residence is 24 metres long, 4.30 to 4.70 metres wide. Its shape is dictated by the embankment wall and the natural layout of the land. Facing south, it offers a panoramic view of the Bay of Sanary and the islands of Les Embiez.

Comprised of concrete, stone and glass, this remarkable architecture unfurls the living space lengthwise. Consisting entirely of glass, the frontage reflects the natural surroundings in which it is submerged. A kind of cap set on uprights shelters the glass façade with a superb cantilever ensuring shade and coolness in summer.

The interior space is laid out around an entrance patio. Sleeping accommodation on the east side, living areas to the west. The façade forms this covered patio in its central position, providing a relaxation area sheltered from the wind and blazing summer sun.

The main room of 70 sq. metres in minimalist style is comprised of a lounge, dining-room, a superb fitted kitchen with a central island made of Corian, and a laundry room.
A long corridor leads to three bedrooms, a large shower room with wet-room shower, and a bathroom with tub and shower. The building takes advantage of the natural lay of the land, proposing a double garage in the prolongation of its west side, and a storage area for garden furniture to the east, buried in the embankment. A huge basement of 90 sq. metres completes the property, together with an outdoor parking area for three cars.
The floors extend outdoors, their large slabs emphasizing the goal of continuity between inside and out, and setting off the stone walls of the terraced embankments. The house is fitted with an underfloor heating/cooling system.

In continuity with the house, the swimming pool confirms this extension in its length. A heated lap pool 20 metres long, narrow, and parallel to the retaining wall. A terrace surrounds the pool and the house, offering several relaxation areas.

The villa’s roof is entirely vegetalized. It is on a level with the natural floor of the path above the property, enabling it to disappear into the natural topography of the 1,600 sq. metres of land.

Pure uncluttered architecture, offering nature as its decor. The principle of integration which has been chosen makes for economy in the flooring and is incorporated through its effacement and setting into the lay of the land. The garden area is thus less affected by the building’s insertion.

Imitation of the natural landscape is the concept behind this approach.

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Beauty consists of what we never want to see destroyed” – Rudy Ricciotti

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