Saint-Paul-de-Vence, France

Villa Quadra – SOLD

350 sqm  – design by Antonino Cascio – VENDU

Located a few hundred metres from the historic village of Saint-Paul-de-Vence and the Maeght Foundation, this property is the work of architect Antonino Cascio. Set in grounds of 2,710 sqm. laid out on gently sloping terraces facing south amidst oak trees and Aleppo pines, the Villa Quadra is a parallelepiped built of wood, glass and steel, offering living space of 350 sqm.
Decidedly contemporatorary architecture, with a timberframe structure on pilings, for maximum integration into the scenery… The use of wood, metal and glass, with tall trees intermingling with the construction, reinforce this osmosis between nature and architecture.
The house is entered to the north via a metal walkway giving access to the upper floor, dedicated to the night-time area. The entrance hall, which extends onto the mezzanine above the lounge, leads to the four bedrooms and bathrooms.
Prolonged by the terrace, the ground floor is an “open space” in direct contact with the exterior. Different areas are organized within this room of 90 sqm, including a chimney nook, a dining-room next to the kitchen, a reception and living area, both inside and out. This first level also accommodates a 5th bedroom, and direct access to a double garage of 25 sqm. Beneath the roof, the attic of 70 m2, including living space of 21 sqm, is reached by a spiral staircase from the first floor.
The terraced embankments down below the grounds play host to a superb pool with a wooden sundeck and an independent annex of 50 sqm with a bedroom, shower room and kitchenette.
Throughout the property, the doors, stairs, parquet floors and walkways are all made of iroko, thus ensuring a homogeneous whole and creating strong continuity with the outside, enhanced by the presence of a terrace. The Villa Quadra is a model of contemporary architecture and bioclimatic timberframe buildings.
A unique creation, love at first sight for genuine fans of nature and contemporary art.

Prix : 2 600 000 euros

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Antonino Cascio

La Quadra is the work of architect Antonino Cascio, known for his designs in assertively contemporary style, and especially prestigious detached villas that have built his reputation.
For total integration into the site, the solution adopted was to lay a slab floor over a shaft foundation, leaving the root system of the trees intact and creating a timberframe construction, entirely built on-site.
The choice of a timberframe house and unusual layout of the space made it possible to create a contemporary bioclimatic home, blending fully and harmoniously into the scenery.
Hidden to the north behind a screen-wall clad with iroko weatherboarding, the house opens out entirely and precisely to the south, giving onto a wooden terrace supported by pilings.
The gable walls to the east and west, also timberframed, are covered with a colourful limewash with natural ochre-red pigments recalling Mediterranean warmth and the colour of the stones in the grounds.
Sloping in a single direction, the roof is supported by glue-laminated arcs, giving it a slightly concave appearance. Resting on slender metal poles, it extends outwards to the front of the southern facade, creating a kind of awning which protects the terrace from falling leaves or twigs.
Large openings in the roof allow the trees to continue growing upwards, while also providing glimpses of the sky and constantly changing plays of light.

The house is a parellelepiped built of wood, glass and steel. Though manifestly modern, it blends and even melts harmoniously into nature.

The story behind the house began with a table. The “Quaderna” table, a perfect illustration of design typical of the Superstudio, an anti-design Italian group which rebelled against the 1960’s and the excesses of Pop design which had sprung forth everywhere at the time. Antonino Cascio, who fell in love with this table, took inspiration from it to design the Villa QUADRA in 2002.

The terraced embankments below the main grounds play host to a superb swimming pool with an electrolytic salt-treatment system.

In the lower part of the grounds, an annex of 50 sqm, fitted out with a shower room and kitchenette, and built as a prolongation of the drystone walls, melts into the setting thanks to its grass-covered roof. The use of glass and steel recalls the architecture of the main building.

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