“Bruits de couloir”: one artist one project



Xavier Theunis, between architecture and abstraction. Cutting, assembling, constructing… The meticulous scenographies of Xavier Theunis play on the tenuous thread of the straight line, the vanishing point. The irony of discreet posturing, the pleasure of a subtle misalignment: setting things and expectations a-tilt.

Alexandre Dufaye has invited three artists in succession to take care of his walls. From one end of his contemporary apartment to the other, from November 2015 to April 2016, three variations on the same support… A long hallway with glass partition walls which have to be taken into account. At the end of the corridor, a world can be glimpsed. Wanting to approach it means first deciding on a view-point, and taking the concepts of territory and passage into consideration.

In an exercice of style, a lesson in architecture and the imagining of space, three artists for three projects, sowing the seeds of doubt in a perception combining reality and illusion.

From the richness of their differences and the magic of an ephemeral project to a play on clashes, a throw of the dice will not abolish the coincidence of their encounter with architecture. Over the months, studies take shape, designs succeed one another. In this apartment in Nice, basking in light, where the silhouettes of objects are tastefully arranged, the life of these undertakings blend into everyday living. Each in their own way, Xavier Theunis, Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac and Kristof Everart deliver their interpretations of the invitations they have received.

/// Xavier Theunis is represented by the Galerie Catherine Issert ///

///Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac and Kristof Everart are represented by the Galerie Eva Vautier ///

Text : Cecile Vaiarelli

Photos © Loic Thebaut et © Anthony Lanneretonne


Charlotte Pringuey-Cessac. Drawing in perspective. This artist is interested in the dialogue that develops between the setting and its visitor, in a stong kinesthetic relationship. In an experience involving the senses, she invites the guest’s body and imagination to allow itself to be transported down a re-invented hall. Poetic tension envelops the architecture to the point of dizziness.



Kristof Everart. Geography of space.  His training at the crossroads of architecture and the fine arts is reflected in all his work as an artist. His project for appropriating the hallway is open to dialogue and overthrows codes. It is a matter of “recovering”, of an intimate territory with fantasized frontiers.

Contact : Alexandre Dufaye /// 6 Place Wilson – 06000 Nice /// alexandre.dufaye@gmail.com

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