Design Parade

Design Exposition


11th international festival of design
July 1 – 3, 2016
exhibitions until September 25


1st international festival of interior design
June 30 – July 2, 2016
exhibitions until September 11

Max Lamb, Exercices in seating. © Lothaire Hucki, Villa Noailles, 2016

Following the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the International Design Parade festival in Hyères, The villa Noailles has committed itself to a new proposition in Toulon devoted to interior design and decoration.

Henceforth, each summer, the villa Noailles will organise Design parade in two events: the first in Toulon, for interior design, and the second at Hyères, for design. Through this new, unique event in France, Design Parade will allow, over an extended weekend, for the fullest view of the decorative arts in contemporary design.

Design Parade Toulon and Hyères aim to discover, promote, and support the young generation in these complementary disciplines and to present, to members of the profession and the general public, international designers through exhibitions and conferences. In accompanying these young designers, the festival supports equally artisanal skills along with industrial expertise, along with the assistance of its partners.

The festival is also an opportunity to discover the heritage of these two neighbouring towns, which both offer an expression of the architectural and decorative wealth of the Var region.



Pernelle Poyet


« The jury appreciates her unique approach of design, the rigor of her work and her attention to details in the system she has built. “

Pernelle Poyet. © Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016

 The designer’s ambition is to create a library of forms, materials, connections, and finishes whose elements will be used to design furniture and objects. The analogy between typography and typology underlies this proposition. By drawing the letters of the alphabet, this typographer adds value to a pre-established convention. Here it is simple geometrical shapes which become significant and useful through their qualities and their assembly. Through an orthonormal grid, the designer determines a group 92 basic forms in beech wood. The aesthetic vocabulary takes it inspiration from the work of Ettore Sottsass for its motif and that of Robert Morrison for the variability of an object in its context (light, scale, spectator’s role).

The surface of the wood is printed, painted or varnished, thus increasing of catalogue narrative possibilities. Thanks to a proportional scale, the calibrated modules allow for the creation of small objects or infinite pieces of furniture. These principles are for example applied to the table consisting of a round top and four parallelepipeds which form its base; each of these grooved faces has a different treatment which catches the light and animates the object according to a particular viewpoint. Dictionaries tell us that the alphabet is a system of graphical signs allowing for the transcription of a language’s sounds. The designer here elaborates a new prototype for writing a contemporary history of habitat.

Pernelle Poyet, Alphabet. © Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016

Pernelle Poyet, Alphabet. © Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016



Studio Quetzal
Benjamin Lina, Louise Naegelen et Adrien Gadet

Immersed Office


« The jury has chosen the Quetzal Studio’s proposal unanimously for the intelligence of its response, the comprehensive treatment of space and quality of implementation. “

Adrien Gadet, Louise Naegelen, Benjamin Lina. © Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016

The starting point of this project is an image of the Mediterranean sea, calm and blue. Immersed office consists of a light architecture, inspired by the structural vocabulary of boats, which resides in the middle of the room. It demarcates a documentation zone and a creation zone. The bookshelves are designed like an enveloping hull enclosing a workspace isolated from the terrestrial world in order to encourage introspection and creativity. On its exterior, the architecture consists of vertical, pale wooden battens resting against the floor and ceiling, punctuated with doubled horizontal lines to receive the books. Inside, the framework is patched with flexible panels of wood. They touch neither the floor nor the ceiling, thus allowing air and natural light to penetrate. The desk arises out of an adjoining wave, developed like a perpendicular extension of the partition, where its base is a block of sanded stone which emerges from the floor. In order to disrupt and blur the horizon, the original tiled floor is lacquered with an abyssal blue which stretches out into pale tones as it rises up the walls. White dominates on the upper part and on the ceiling, opening up to the sky as seen from the sea floor. Mirrors hang on the wall, echoing the sparkling sun on the water. By artificially plunging the inhabitant into the depths, Immersed office offers a surprising décor, favourable to reflection.

© Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016

Studio Quetzal, Immersed Office
© Lothaire Hucki, villa Noailles, 2016

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