Les Angles

Les Angles seating


An Explorer selection

Cushions and sofas at one and the same time, these items offering a totally futuristic look invite us to test another facet of relaxing and enjoying time with friends.

Comfortable and adaptable objects for everyday living.
Like the dune and pebble cushions, these “Angles” are not simply seats or elements structuring the decor, but both simultaneously.
They are presented as a set of geometric cushions which can easily be assembled one against the other to become objects on which to sit or lounge, alone or with others. A new collection of furnishings comprised of eight items, held together by means of a metal attachment system.
These floor cushions form an ensemble of supple “paving” which can cover the surface of the floor, wall or ceiling. Thanks to the properties offered by wool, they then provide remarkable heat and sound insulation.
“What I thought could represent the sculptured waves of the Mediterranean Sea has led me to a structure of almost crystal-like planes, or the representation of Harmonia Mundi.”

Rémi Guisset

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Jérémy Bailet

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